Wasting time and money should be avoided whenever it is possible. Our solution saves your resources while delivering fast response to your customers. Upgrade your company's customer service with alphaHoo chatbot and boost productivity straightaway.

User Frustration

Don't drive your customers away with bad experiences and frustration. Be available for them 24/7 and reply instantly.

Employee Training

Being an agent in customer service center is a very fluid job. There are always new employees that need to be trained. Wouldn't you rather train your alphaHoo chatbot once, and be satisfied for a lifetime? We won't quit on you!

Scarce Analytics

Nowadays, every bussiness should be data driven. There is a lot you can learn about your customers with data analysis. Knowing your customers better will help you grow and scale your bussines.

Unburden personnel, improve customer support services and save resources

The core of our product is a chatbot that communicates with the user 24/7. Using advanced machine learning methods it is able to understand:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Typos
  • Atypically long sentences
  • Multiple questions in one sentence

Interaction with users helps the system grow

In case that the chatbot does not understand the user's request, customer support agent can join that conversation and deliver the response the user needs. This way, the system is constantly learning. Every unfamiliar question it receives is noted, and can be added to it's knowledge base.

Integration is completely personalized to the client. Chat integrates with the company's site and all the other necessary communication channels, as well as with the backend system of the company. This allows users to reach all of the advanced services that the company provides, by simply sending a text message.

An important segment of the alphaHoo assistant is data analysis. Our clients will have an insight to which problems and to what extent their users meet, so that they could adequatly react and improve their business.

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